excel 2016 user interface

This article Introduction to Excel user interface and description.

Excel font settings (bold,italic,underline, strikethrough, superscript and subscript)

In Microsoft Excel you can customize text style to give to exact look you want. You can change font family, change colors to your text, change size, fill color background as well as strikethrough superscript and subscript

How to add or remove cell border in Excel

In Microsoft Excel you can Apply a border to cell or range of cells to emphasize data or separate data. You can quickly apply cell border by predefined

Show or hide ribbon tabs in Excel 2016

Since Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon tabs instead menu bar. Ribbon tabs is set of commands toolbar on top of window

How to create drop down list in excel

In Excel you can help people entries efficiently by using drop-drop list. This article explains how to create drop-down list in Excel.

How to Show or Hide worksheets in Excel

In Excel you can show or hide worksheets from sheets tab.

Excel How to add new command to Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar are group of command you can quickly to use. Quick Access Toolbar are top of ribbon tabs. You can add favourite command for quickly access.

How to remove duplicates in excel

How to delete duplicate data in Excel with the Remove Duplicates command, a command that allows us to quickly delete duplicate data. In working with data, sometimes the information that is obtained does not match our needs. And frequent problems Is the data problem itself, which Microsoft Excel has a function to handle these duplicate data for us

Excel Align text in a cell Orientation merge cell

This Basic Excel article, we will introduce to realign of text in the cell, left-aligned, centered, right-centered, vertical Tilted Text Wrap and Merge Cells

How to customize ribbon in Excel

This article show how to customize ribbon in Microsoft Excel. Show or hide tab, show Developer tab, Order tab, rename tab and reset tab to default

Create new workbook in Excel

A workbook is an Excel file contains worksheets and your data. This article introduces to create a blank workbook and create a workbook from template.

Find Text or Number in Worksheet

You can use Find to search something such as a number or text in your workbook. This feature is useful to quickly search specific number or text when you are checking data in large spreadsheet